The South Shore

Released on March 8, 2015 via Xi Records

The South Shore features chamber works composed by Michael Vincent Waller from (2011-2014) performed by the following twenty-five musicians, including Christine Kim and Pauline Kim Harris (Project SiS) with Conrad Harris, Daniel Panner, Charity Wicks; Dedalus Ensemble with Didier Aschour, Amélie Berson, Cyprien Busolini, Thierry Madiot, Pierre Stéphane Meugé, Deborah Walker; 20<21 Ensemble with Yael Manor, Itay Lantner, Erin Wight, Clara Kennedy, and Jessica Park; Nicolas Horvath; Esther Noh; Carson Cooman; Katie Porter and Devin Maxwell (Red Desert); Luna Cholong Kang; Marija Ilic.

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“…introducing a rhetoric of stillness (not to be confused with John Cage’s attention to silence), a rhetoric that Eno would continue to explore beyond the life of [his Obscure] label. In the selections chosen for The South Shore, Waller seems to be taking up the torch of that particular rhetorical stance, applying it to a wide diversity of sonorities by combining different assortments of instruments in chamber music settings.”

-Stephen Smoliar

“…quiet, lyrical expressions and subdued meditation. Waller’s unhurried and gentle music is well-suited to introspection. Waller belongs to the generation of postminimalist composers who have absorbed the techniques of the avant-garde, yet he has moved on to find fresh resources in the use of Greek modes, traditional counterpoint, and the influences of impressionism, gamelan, and pandiatonicism.”

-All Music, Blair Sanderson ★★★★


Compositions by Michael Vincent Waller
Produced by Michael Vincent Waller, Ryan Streber, Christine Kim
Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Streber
Recorded by Ryan Streber, Nikolas Samaltanos, Dongjin Lee, Devin Maxwell, Lawrence de Martin, Justin Frye.
Musicians/Ensembles: Christine Kim, Pauline Kim-Harris, Conrad Harris, Daniel Panner, Marija Ilic, Nicolas Horvath, Yael Manor, Charity Wicks, Carson Cooman, Esther Noh, Katie Porter, Devin Maxwell, Luna Cholong Kang, Dedalus Ensemble, 20>>21 Ensemble, Project SiS, Red Desert.
Album Cover and Tray Photography by Phill Niblock © (Japan, 1989)
Album Design by Van Jazmin
Piano Hamburg Steinway D prepared by Arlan Harris, tuned by Dan Jessie, Fazoli Grand Piano, Model No: 2780649, Organ Marcussen & Son, 1973 (Laurenskerk, Rotterdam), Virtual model by Jiri Zurek, 2012


POP MATTERS John Garratt

THE WIRE Julian Cowley

CD HOT LIST Rick Andersen


ALLMUSIC Blair Sanderson


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