A Song

Released on June 17, 2020 via Longform Editions

The EP titled A Song features Waller at the piano, recorded in a single take with no editing. The piece was created during the same time as the recording of his most recent full-length album, Moments.

“The understated work of Michael Vincent Waller becomes a thing of minimalist beauty on his solo piano composition, A Song. This lyrical, impressionistic work explores the subtle gravity of harmonies with an inward gaze.” – Longformeditions.com

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Performed by: Michael Vincent Waller (piano)

Mastered by: Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering Recorded by: Ryan Streber, at Oktaven Studios, Mt Vernon, NY, October 6th, 2018; recorded in a single take improvisation, with no editing.

Mixed by: Charles Mueller, Ryan Streber, at Oktaven Studios, Mt Vernon, NY

Notes designed by: Van Jazmin

Illustration by: Renee Willoughby

Cover by: LongForm Editions

Michael Vincent Waller – Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved