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Michael Vincent Waller - The South Shore on XI  

// Phill Niblock - Brazil 84 on Mode 

Double-Release Party

March 18, 2015 at 9pm
Experimental Intermedia
224 Centre Street


XI Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming, debut full-length release of Michael Vincent Waller The South Shore set forMarch 8, 2015 release, featuring chamber works from the last four years. Waller has collaborated with numerous musicians and ensembles to bring this record to life, a 2-CD release with album art photography by Phill Niblock. This music revels in subtext and subtlety, a symbiotic exploration into the history and future of musical experience.

"The music of Michael Vincent Waller offers a welcome and rare alternative to the tempo and noise of modern life. These touching miniatures employ the pure modal scales first described by ancient Greek philosophers and sustained through millennia in the folk song of many lands, in religious chant, and in the modern era by the works of composers such as Erik Satie (especially his monodrama ‘Socrate’) and Terry Riley (especially ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’).

Waller’s music convinces us by its honest emotion, which avoids any artifice that would dramatically pull us toward some effect. Although it is the first time we have heard these works, we seem to immediately understand the intimate feeling they refer to.”

~ Blue "Gene" Tyranny [From the liner notes of The South Shore


For the March 18th record release concert, performances from The South Shore will include Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim-Harris, Christine Kim, Daniel Panner, and Marija Ilic.


Brazil 84
16mm film & music by Phill Niblock (77 minutes)

Brazil 84 is from Niblock’s series “The Movement of People Working.” 16mm, unedited long shots, carefully framed to compress single movements, shot in rural and urban settings, capturing people in their working environments, men and women using their hands and body to an eternal working choreography that seems tuned to the microtonal universe of Niblock’s music. 

All these images are timeless, they could have been shot today, in the ‘60s or even earlier in the century. All these images have a perfect timing, a perfect framing, captured not as a document but more as a choreographic gesture, as visual music. The images are raw, the colors are saturated and the sound seems to happen in your head.

Phill Niblock says: “In 1984, I returned to Brazil, deciding to travel the coast, closest to the ocean, from Salvador, Bahia, to as far north as I could get in the time I had. That turned out to be Natal, 1000km away. I was the sole film crew, carrying the camera bag and tripod, loading the film, reading the light and occasionally applying sun screen. The film from that trip is the material on this DVD. And it was beautiful to see that country and those people.”

Originally silent, Niblock chose to add his music as the soundtrack, as he often does during screenings of his films. These works, specially compiled for this release, are presented in both stereo and surround mixes.For this DVD, a new transfer was made of the original 16mm film, which was then restored under Niblock’s supervision. The Digipak package contains an 8-page booklet of essays by Niblock, Bob Gilmore (music), Carlos Casas (film) and Johan Vandermaelen (the recordings).




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